Secrets of Ghostwriting: My Path to Crafting Words!

Pave A New Direction, Route, & Journey Into Ghostwriting!

Jerreme Wade
4 min readAug 10, 2023


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Welcome to the Vault of Progress! Have you ever wondered what it takes to become a ghostwriter? Well, grab your invisible ink pen and let’s take a journey. Our words are about to enter into a mysterious world of where our imaginations roam free. A place where our words escape through pages. Our ink pens will remain tantalizing during this journey with our thoughts and words. Let’s take a trip and unravel this world of ghostwriting.

Unmasking Ghostwriting:

Have you ever thought to yourself, “what’s the deal with ghostwriting?” People have asked me so many times about my profession. While ghostwriting is a profession, it’s one of the many forms of written composition I’m continuing to learn over the next few years. I’ve created a “Vault of Progress” in my mind, heart, and soul where my words grow with time. The more I learn the better. Imagine channeling your creative genius into crafty compelling written content.

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You’re tapping into a whole new world whether your words are in books, T.V shows, or movies. My intent is to do this in a whole new way. I know this could take 5–10 years. The results are coming in steadily. As I enable my imagination to wander, I’m learning more about different styles of writing. Today, I’m discussing ghostwriting.

For some readers fading into the shadows, my blogs might not captivate your attention. My blogs are meant to be much more. These are informative, educational, and motivational blogs about my lifestyle as a writer. Some of these drafts are professionals samples for clients to see my work. My blog posts are mini novels in your mind that enable you to escape. It’s like being a literary superhero except your cape is a keyboard.

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Mastering My Craft:



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