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As an entrepreneur and graduate student, I started to neglect my studies because of my business. I believed that my business was my future. However, I forgot about some key practices and strategies that would allow me to grow as an entrepreneur. Those strategies and practices were being learned in the classroom. I was unaware of the strategies being taught because I was distracted.

Everyone has a different classroom. I thought 4 walls within a college institution didn’t define my learning experience. However, it provides structure and time management for me to be able to leverage my resources down the road. I had to change my perspective on school in order to maximize my reach so I started blogging.

Blogging is an investment in my time. I took the time to develop a unique writing process for any opportunity that life presented me. My writing process will yield dividends to my children’s children. I learned this writing process from different aspects of life. My writing process wasn’t developed overnight. As a result, blogging became a practice that gave me a unique strategy for the information I kept learning in classrooms.

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I’m not a student that likes to store knowledge. I like to apply it right away. I think that’s why people waste time in life. If you have knowledge and you’re not applying it then you’re wasting time. I got side-tracked during most of my academic career. Studying composition and communication has been a journey. Blogging has allowed me to practice the strategies I learn with consistency.

I want to take you on a journey as I take a greater approach to my last year of my academic studies in order to prepare for life. I hope my perspective on blogging will change your life just as it has done for me.

Post-graduate writing has taught me a lot about structure and research. I implement a lot of powerful practices in my life after each semester to see what results I can deliver. This year of blogging will reflect my life as a student, entrepreneur, and writer.

I must believe in the transformation I will make in my life because of writing. I will learn and earn opportunities by taking my time. I can blog about emails, captions, descriptions, or books that transform information. We live in a world full of information. I’m here to talk about how the information we practice of blogging transformed my life.

Blogging has changed my life. It has become a form of practice and research throughout life. I think of blogging as a journey into journaling each thought that runs through my mind. My thoughts have the opportunity to be explored on a personal level because of school and business. I’ve learned to not close another door before I open the next. In addition, I want to finish one project before starting the next project. There are multiple ways to do this as a writer. However, I will use my blog as a foundation to build on as a scholar and entrepreneur.

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My main objective is to focus on one skill and then maximize the other. I can continue to grow by blogging about the small wins and challenges. I believe school is a massive tool that I can leverage when I’m focused. Today is the first day of a new month. The start to a fresh blogging journey. I will continue to leverage my business without compromising my studies. This blog will be a reflection of that goal. Blogging will be my new navigation in school, business, and life.

I’m here to tell you that blogging is a resourceful tool. Think about the way graduate studies or entrepreneurship is set up. Graduate students write about 60% of the time. Writing a blog as a graduate student can help you practice what you will need to master in the classroom. Blogging can be an excellent way to establish yourself as an expert, scholar, and creative in your field of study. If you truly want to flourish in the professional world, you will have to learn how to grow in different ways. Writing has made my learning curve easier as I get to connect with my thoughts in a unique way.

The blogging industry is consistent. Most people will tell you it’s a dead industry. However, I believe it’s all about the strategy you use when blogging. It’s not what you do, it’s how you do it at the end of the day. You can captivate attention doing anything you want. Still, if you don’t maximize how people consume your content or how you streamline it then you will get lost in the noise.

Blogging will get you thinking about what you want to do after school. Let your reader follow you on that journey. Most people think entrepreneurship is a hobby for me. They will wake up and be shocked soon enough after my results speak for me. Let the fruits of your labor establish your credibility. If you are smart, you will learn as much as you can. Then, you will format a blog to go alongside the other forms of communication.

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Your blog will be your evergreen content. Leverage your blog for ownership and equity as you build your vision from a dream into reality. When you graduate, you’ll have a degree, business, and your first stream of revenue. You’re about to change the game! You might be thinking, “how did he get all of this from writing a blog.”

Well, the consistent practice of blogging has allowed me to structure my craft as a business model that will have multiple streams of income once I graduate in a year. I’ve worked long nights and early mornings in silence for moments that exist now. I see all the pieces coming together despite the criticism and adversity.

I’ve learned how to meditate, think clearly, and envision what most people sleep on as a young man. I’m committed to my process of blogging. The progress that I will make by blogging as a graduate student over the next year is limitless. Let the journey begin!

Join me in my next blog as I discuss: “How to make time for Blogging?”



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